Meet our Staff

Central City

  • Jared P. Wetovick, President, NMLS ID 674893
  • Chris Djernes, Assistant Cashier
  • Anne Klone, Banking Specialist
  • Jessica Brandenburg, Banking Specialist
  • Darla Andersen, Vice President
  • Dustin Parde, Loan Officer, NMLS ID 1724378
  • Kasey Blodgett, Banking Specialist
  • Stephanie Stuhmer, Banking Specialist

Loup City

  • Lonnie Tvrdik, President, NMLS ID 644207
  • Tina Chilewski, Vice President
  • Ryan Hircock, Loan Officer
  • Ione Bruha, Banking Specialist
  • Jami Mroczek, Banking Specialist
  • Kelsey Stanczyk, Banking Specialist
  • Debora J. Higgins, Loan Officer, NMLS ID 403357
  • Darcy Smith, Loan Clerk
  • Cole Lambrecht, Loan Officer Trainee
  • Gayle Johnson, Banking Specialist
  • Kathy Lutz, Banking Specialist

St. Paul

  • Michael Rosander, CEO/Senior Loan Officer
  • Sally Einspahr, Senior Vice President/Cashier
  • Curt Baldwin, Vice President
  • Jeana Mrkvicka, Assistant Cashier
  • Kerin Rose Smydra, Loan Officer, NMLS ID 403356
  • Connie Becker, Banking Specialist
  • Randi Brown, Banking Specialist
  • Logan Berggren, Banking Specialist
  • Katie Majerus, Banking Specialist
  • Jeffery J. Varney, President, NMLS ID 923990
  • Carolyn Scarborough, Vice President
  • Darlene Hansen, Assistant Vice President
  • Dennis Wadsworth, Loan Officer
  • Bobbi Placke, Assistant Cashier
  • Nichelle Harrington, Banking Specialist
  • Kelly Scheer, Banking Specialist
  • Haley Luhn, Banking Specialist


  • Carl Brasee
  • Margret Brasee Loftus
  • John Brasee
  • Mark Eurek
  • James Olsen
  • Lonnie Tvrdik
  • Mark Brasee
  • H. James Christensen
  • Larry Hurlburt
  • Michael Rosander
  • Jeffery Varney




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